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In this paper, we understand the development status and trend of high performance membrane materials

High performance membrane material is the core of the new type of efficient separation technology, has the characteristics such as energy saving and environmental friendly, is to address the issue of water resources, energy, environmental and industrial technologies to upgrade traditional strategic new materials, has become a supporting environment pollution control, energy conservation and emissions reduction, the people's livelihood security areas such as one of the key common technology, It plays an important role in promoting the development of Chinese national economy, national technical progress and enhancing international competitiveness.

Heavy! Summary and interpretation of China's membrane industry policies in 2022 (full) Improving the efficiency of water resources utilization is the development goal of the membrane industry

Main listed companies in the membrane industry: At present, the listed companies in the domestic membrane industry mainly include Bishuiyuan (300070), Jinmem Technology (300334), Jiuwu Hi-Tech (300631), Wharton Technology (000920), Jinke Environment (688466), Zhaojin Motian (838813), Welley (300190).

The membrane method is coming! June 7, continue to lock membrane material and application innovation and development trend forum!

2022 Qingdao International Water Conference expert lecture hall is coming again ~ with experts to discuss desalination, water resources, water ecological restoration and other topics, on June 7, let's enter the sixth session: membrane materials and application innovation and development trend Forum!

Hu Qunhui: Industrialization of reverse osmosis membrane materials and its application in industrial wastewater treatment

On the afternoon of March 30, 2022, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (China Green Development Association) Working Committee on Air Governance and Low Carbon Development jointly held an online green and low carbon technology promotion conference on "Iron and Steel Enterprises Implementing the Double Carbon Target". Hu Qunhui, engineer of Hunan Aowei Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. introduced and shared the technology with the title of "reverse osmosis membrane material industrialization and its application in industrial wastewater treatment". Now the content of the speech is arranged as follows for readers' reference:

Research progress of membrane materials for alkaline system flow batteries

Recently, Li Xianfeng, a researcher at the Energy Storage Technology Research Department of the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has made progress in the large-scale preparation and application of membrane materials for high-performance, low-cost alkaline system flow batteries. The technology realizes the large-area preparation of the non-fluorine cation conducting membrane and its application in the energy storage technology of the alkaline system flow battery.
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The research institution approved by Nanjing is also an independent legal entity of the first professional research institute of Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute Membrane Science and Technology Research Institute, which is positioned as the organizer of membrane material industry cultivation.

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