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The incubation platform
Platform introduction
Jiangsu Membrane Technology Industrial Park Entrepreneurship Service Center is a professional technology business incubator jointly built by Nanjing University of Technology and Jiangbei New Area. It is now a provincial technology business incubator, and its operation and management unit is Nanjing Membrane Materials Industrial Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.
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Incubated Enterprises
Relying on the influence of the National Special Separation Membrane Engineering Technology Research Center and the Membrane Science and Technology Research Institute of Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute in the field of membrane materials nationwide, as well as the advantages in scientific research, technology, achievements transformation and industrial foundation, incubate and cultivate scientific and technological enterprises in the membrane industry; At the same time, with the support of professional and high starting point entrepreneurial services and professional technology platforms, we will deeply cultivate entrepreneurial projects in the direction of the membrane industry and help the development and progress of the membrane industry.
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financial technology
Through its business platform, the Membrane Materials Industry Technology Research Institute has formed three major business segments, including private equity investment fund management, direct investment business and value-added service business.
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The research institution approved by Nanjing is also an independent legal entity of the first professional research institute of Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute Membrane Science and Technology Research Institute, which is positioned as the organizer of membrane material industry cultivation.

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