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Oily wastewater

Oily wastewater

(Summary description)

Oily wastewater

(Summary description)


Technology Introduction

The machining and iron and steel smelting industries will produce a large amount of oily wastewater in the production process, and the annual discharge across the country is as high as tens of millions of tons. Wastewater generally contains 3~5% of mineral oil and additives such as emulsifiers and oils, which have the characteristics of high oil and high COD, and are difficult to separate or decompose. Traditional treatment technologies mostly use demulsifier for demulsification, which has the disadvantages of large dosage of demulsifier, poor demulsification effect, heavy pollution and high cost. The use of ceramic membrane technology to transform and upgrade the traditional oily wastewater treatment process can effectively remove suspended solids in oily wastewater. The water produced by the ceramic membrane system can be reused or post-treated, and the ceramic membrane concentrate can be outsourced for disposal or re-separation. .


Flow chart

The process flow of oily wastewater treatment is shown in the following figure:



Project display

Customer: The on-site installation of the oily wastewater treatment project of a cold-rolled steel plate line in a steel plant is shown in the figure below:

In the oily wastewater treated with ceramic membrane, the suspended solids are basically completely removed, and the water content of the effluent is reduced to below 5mg/L.

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