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Ultrafine powder concentration and recovery

Ultrafine powder concentration and recovery

(Summary description)

Ultrafine powder concentration and recovery

(Summary description)


Technology Introduction

Solid-liquid separation of particle suspension system is a common unit process in chemical process, involving purification of raw materials and products, recovery of valuable ultra-fine products in wastewater, separation of fine particle catalysts from raw materials or products, etc. Due to the small particle size of the powder, powder washing and separation is the difficulty of its industrialization. Nano-scale powder can be intercepted, washed and concentrated by ceramic membrane technology. Greatly improve product stability and yield.


Flow chart

The process of using ceramic membrane technology to treat waste lubricating oil is shown in the following figure:




Process advantage

·  High separation efficiency; simple operation; stable product quality; high product yield; environment-friendly; low operating cost.


Project display

Client: A powder concentration project in Zhejiang The on-site installation is shown in the figure below:

The technical indicators and benefits achieved by using ceramic membrane technology to concentrate and recycle powder are shown in the following table:


Technical indicators



Product water turbidity


Concentration factor


save costs

1 million yuan/year


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