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Natural product extraction

Natural product extraction

(Summary description)

Natural product extraction

(Summary description)


Technology Introduction

For complex natural product extracts, while removing impurity components such as colloidal tannin, white, starch, etc., small molecular target products can pass through the ceramic membrane. The flux is higher than that of traditional ceramics. At present, the developed ceramic membranes have been applied to the high fraction and purification of natural products such as Yingo, pomelo fruit, Tianma, blueberry, blueberry, ginseng, mushroom, stevia bran, and Gankang.


Flow chart

The following is an application demonstration of the extraction process of ginkgo flavonoids, and the process of treating ginkgo extract with membrane technology is shown in the following figure:




Project display

Client: A ginkgo flavonoid extraction company




The technical indicators reached by the new process are shown in the following table:



Technical indicators

Ginkgo acid content


Ginkgo flavonoid purity

Raised to 35-42%

Separation efficiency

2x increase

Operating costs

Reduced by more than 25%

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