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The company participated in the formulation of 3 national standards and 2 industrial standards; He published 21 academic papers.
33 patents were granted (including 19 inventions); 4 registered trademarks; One copy of copyright.
1) ZL200710025323.6 Preparation of an enzyme electrode for glucose detection
2) ZL200910030757.4 A Prussian Blue Modified Electrode Method
3) ZL201410422814.4 A preparation method of SAPO-18 molecular sieve membrane
4) ZL201410423061.9 A preparation method of SAPO-34 molecular sieve membrane
5) ZL201510197310.1 A Simple Preparation Method of Enzyme Biosensor
6) ZL2016102656294.3 Preparation Method of Integrated Multiple Ceramic Hollow Fiber Molecular Sieve Membrane
7) ZL201610266480.5 ceramic hollow fiber membrane filter element and its components
8) ZL201610882320.3 A preparation method of nano slurry for power electrode printing
9) ZL201611184163.5 Organic solvent resistant nanofiltration membrane modified by graphene oxide, preparation method and application
10) ZL201611244794.1 A Supramolecular Composite Nanofiltration Membrane and Its Preparation Method and Application
11) ZL201710131883.3 A Preparation Method of Multilayer Polymer Film with Improved Interlayer Adhesion
12) ZL201710176642.0 A regular four layer nanofiltration membrane, its preparation method and application in the separation of high concentration salts
13) ZL201710312285.6 A Preparation Method of Oriented SAPO-34 Molecular Sieve Membrane
14) ZL201710535936.8 A solvent resistant polymer membrane, its preparation method and application
15) ZL201711058773.5 A membrane separation method and device for recovering N-methylpyrrolidone waste gas from lithium battery production
16) ZL201810508847.9 A solvent resistant polyimide film, preparation method and application
17) ZL201811024275.3 An amino acid ionic liquid modified hydrophilic nanofiltration membrane and its preparation method
18) ZL2018111874765 phenol hydrogenation Pd@CN Regeneration method of catalyst
19) ZL2019107168947 A Preparation Method of Glutamic Acid Biosensor
20) ZL201620359117.3 A ceramic hollow fiber membrane filter element and its components
21) ZL201720287030.4 A flat film surface modification device
22) ZL201720656795.0, a kind of high salt wastewater reuse device for pigment industry
23) ZL201821181708.1 nanofiltration membrane filter element and its components
24) ZL201821181402.6, a production device of nanofiltration membrane
25) ZL201821320837.4 A regular polygon hollow fiber membrane module
26) CN202122786253.4 A high-performance ceramic flat membrane support system standby mixing device
27) ZL2019300374380 square ceramic hollow fiber membrane core (85, 113, 145)
28) ZL201930040098.7 hollow fiber square membrane module
29) ZL201930039960.2 round hollow fiber ceramic membrane core (51, 81, 127)
30) ZL201930039969.3 Round hollow fiber ceramic membrane core (50, 80, 117)
31) ZL201930042456.8 hollow fiber circular membrane module
32) ZL201930042458.7 Hollow fiber ceramic membrane
33) CN202130698105. X Automatic Biosensor Analyzer Shell

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The research institution approved by Nanjing is also an independent legal entity of the first professional research institute of Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute Membrane Science and Technology Research Institute, which is positioned as the organizer of membrane material industry cultivation.

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