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Sensaipu full-automatic biosensor analyzer
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Organic Nanofiltration Membrane Technology
Nanofiltration is a kind of membrane separation technology between ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. The pore size of nanofiltration membrane is between 0.5-2nm, and its separation mechanism is mainly pore size sieving and south effect, which can realize the selective separation of inorganic salts, amino acids and small molecular organic matter. Compared with ultrafiltration membrane, such as low molecular weight interception accuracy and high energy consumption of reverse osmosis, nanofiltration membrane effectively makes up for the shortcomings of both, but it is still in the stage of research and development, and it is difficult to customize the design and scale production.
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Hollow Fiber Molecular Sieve Membrane
Hollow fiber molecular sieve membrane is a dense film made of zeolite molecular sieve grown on a ceramic hollow fiber carrier. Film thickness ~ 10μm. The hollow fiber molecular sieve membrane product (membrane core) is prepared by one-time synthesis by encapsulating several hollow fiber molecular sieve membrane tubes as a whole.
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Sensai Spectrum SS201 biosensing analyzer
To resolve the substrate in fermentation industry, product and intermediate metabolites detection, such as the time-consuming, high cost and need to dilute, nanjing institute of industry technology membrane material co., LTD., in order to completely independent research and development of ultrasensitive nanometer sensor chip as the carrier, load high sensitivity specificity protein enzymes, integration of the micro flexible bio-sensor chip, through the USB plug and play, It is connected with biosensor analyzer to realize the rapid and accurate detection of glucose, lactic acid, glutamic acid, lysine and other components in the sample.
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Ceramic Membrane
Ceramic film is an asymmetric film made of metal oxide materials (alumina, zirconia, titanium oxide and silicon oxide, etc.) by coating and sintering processes. The ceramic membrane has the advantages of small pore size, narrow pore size distribution, high separation accuracy and high efficiency. Able to acid and alkali resistance, organic solvent, high temperature resistant, resistant to biological pollution, high mechanical strength, and the ceramic membrane separation process is simple, low energy consumption, easy operation and maintenance, long service life, etc, have been successfully applied in chemical industry, petrochemical industry, biological engineering, environmental engineering, food, fermentation and pharmacy, water resources, and many other fields, To realize the process of separation, clarification, purification, concentration, sterilization, desalination, etc. The company is developing a new generation of high-performance ceramic membrane for industrial process field, and has developed ceramic microfiltration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration membrane products, which have the characteristics of high throughput and anti-pollution.
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