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Multicomponent concentration detector

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Sensaipu full-automatic biosensor analyzer
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Sensai Spectrum SS201 biosensing analyzer
To resolve the substrate in fermentation industry, product and intermediate metabolites detection, such as the time-consuming, high cost and need to dilute, nanjing institute of industry technology membrane material co., LTD., in order to completely independent research and development of ultrasensitive nanometer sensor chip as the carrier, load high sensitivity specificity protein enzymes, integration of the micro flexible bio-sensor chip, through the USB plug and play, It is connected with biosensor analyzer to realize the rapid and accurate detection of glucose, lactic acid, glutamic acid, lysine and other components in the sample.
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The research institution approved by Nanjing is also an independent legal entity of the first professional research institute of Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute Membrane Science and Technology Research Institute, which is positioned as the organizer of membrane material industry cultivation.

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